The Essence of Water & the Balance of Yoga

About Shower Yoga

Shower Yoga is the rejuvenating and efficient practice of combining yoga postures with your daily shower. Benefits include improved muscle flexibility, efficient time management, and non-interrupted personal focus.


I. Vision

Shower Yoga is a gift of self-care you can give to yourself everyday. And it takes no more time than the time you’re already spending in the shower. No matter your age, gender, or physical ability, you can immediately experience the benefits of adding Shower Yoga to your daily routine. It’s simple, effective, and best of all, it feels good from day one.

II. Story

After my twins were born in 2010, I had little time for self-care. My favorite way to relax and recharge was under the warm and soothing water in the shower. One day while showering, I started stretching, breathing deeply and slowly, and observing my body’s reactions. It reminded of yoga or dancing, but with the vital energy of water I was able to let go more easily and fully. Soon this became a daily practice.

III. Community

Active in my community as a videographer, arts advocate, tango dancer, and mother, I know people who are as busy as I am. They share my desire to exert themselves and still feel relaxed, while relying on their intuition and imagination to guide the way. This is exactly what my shower yoga practices provided.

Image by Motoki Tonn

At the heart of Shower Yoga is the art of observation.

When paying attention to your thoughts, a new awareness arises, bringing a sense of peace and balance to your body and mind. The key is to stay in the present moment, feel comfortable, follow your impulses, and pay attention to your mind and body.

Ten to twenty minutes of loving attention towards yourself, along with the soothing energy of the water, can radically change both your state of mind and the way your body feels the entire day.

"When I started sharing my experience with other people, they were eager to give it a try. When their experience and results mirrored my own, I knew it was time to offer my ideas to a broader audience, and Shower Yoga was born.

When I’m tired or feeling impatient, I do a brief Shower Yoga practice, and come out feeling like a new person, and ready for whatever life throws my way! Overall, I’m less stressed and sleeping better, and am living proof that it’s possible to create balance in a busy life!

It’s my joy to share Shower Yoga with you knowing that it will bring more joy, ease, and health to your life!"

Nadia Artman, Creator

Nadia Artman Interviewed about Shower Yoga

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