Practicing Self Love on Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Shower Yoga!

We know that this day can be hard on those who are single, or even those that are in long distance, or difficult relationships. In a society that is hyper-focused on external relationships and external accomplishments to fulfill us, we can forget that giving ourselves unconditional love is the first step to being able to genuinely give and receive love to and from others.

You deserve all of the love that you long for. And you deserve it the most from yourself. Self love is an intentional practice that leads to a way of being. What better day to start your practice than Valentine's Day?

Here's a few ways that we have cultivated our self love. We hope you can use some of these practices to fill yourself with love, joy, and delight today and everyday.

Tune inward. Take time to slow down, reflect, and check in with yourself. Connect back to the source of love and wisdom that lives inside of you. I love starting my day with meditation to take an internal scan of what's happening in my mind and body, how I really feel, and to remind myself of the impermanence of my current circumstances. I relax all judgment of myself and just listen. Beyond the mental chatter and between the moments of thought after thought, I find the seat of my soul - I recognize that my essence is truly just love.

Create positive mantras or affirmations. I truly believe that we don't give ourselves nearly enough adoration or credit. We create stories of lack and inadequacy; we chronically compare ourselves to others; we look to the past and judge ourselves, and we look to the future and doubt ourselves. The first step is to become mindful of this negative mental chatter - by tuning inward and observing. The next step is to rewire our brains to promote narratives of love, support, and appreciation for ourselves. What we repeat to ourselves, even if it feels forced or fake at first, eventually becomes what we actually believe and how we live. Create a list of 5 positive mantras that you repeat to yourself once a day. Use positive affirmations such as "I am am whole; I am powerful; I am loved."

Eat well. Nourishing your body is a form of self love. Our food choices not only affect our bodies, but they also affect how we think and feel throughout the day. Choose what you eat based on acts of love. Give yourself the highest, purest forms of energy and nutrition. Be intentional and honor your food intake and refrain from eating mindlessly. But don't be too hard in yourself - food is also a form of exquisite pleasure, delight, and comfort.

Surround yourself with beauty. What kind of environment fills you with gratitude and joy? For me, I love the natural beauty of the Earth, and natural bodies of water really have a way of making me feel centered and in tune with all of the universe. Be in a space that lights you up and exemplifies your highest vibrations.

Spoil yourself. It's a holiday after all! About love! What makes you feel warm and cozy, cared for and tended to? What makes you feel impassioned and excited, romantic and sensual? You can find ways to give yourself exactly what you need. Fill a warm bath with therapeutic oils and rose petals. Make yourself a nourishing and decadent meal - do have dessert. Or, take yourself on a solo trip to that one place that you've always wanted to go. Do something for yourself that you've been putting off because you've been tending to all the other demands of your life.

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