Shower Yoga Practice Suggestions

One of the most beautiful things about Shower Yoga is that you get to decide what the practice looks like each day depending on how you’re feeling and what you sense you most need to release.

That being said, here are a few suggestions to experiment with. Give them a try and see how they work for you.

  • As you enter the shower, greet the water as a natural power source with cleansing and healing properties. As you feel the water begin to touch your skin, notice what part of your body the water touches and how your body responds.

  • Start with an evenly balanced standing pose to center yourself, notice the response in your body, and the thoughts that arise.

  • As you stand upright, feel the water streaming down over your head. Be fully present with yourself. Once you step inside the shower, let the rest of the world stay outside.

  • Once you feel adequately centered, pay attention to any areas of your body calling out for attention.

  • Choose your first position, then let it take shape. Allow your breath to flow naturally, and stretch as deeply as feels comfortable. Focus on the sensation of stretching the particular muscle that needs attention, rather than the body part. For example, if you’re stretching your back, notice which of the many back muscles you’re stretching rather than simply bending and assuming you’re stretching your back. Small movements can shift which muscles you’re stretching. Trust yourself to experiment to create a more satisfying and beneficial experience.

  • If you feel uncomfortable at any point, back off and find a place where the stretching feels pleasant again.

  • Stay as long as you like in each position. When you feel ready to come out, come back slowly to a neutral position, and then let the next posture take shape. There’s no need to plan the practice in advance. In fact, the more you let it flow, the more benefits of the practice you’ll enjoy!

  • Consider ending your practice standing tall with your hands joined at your heart with your head gently bowed and a smile on your face. This is a wonderful way to complete your practice before you step out of the shower and back into the rest of your life.

  • As you become more accustomed to practicing Shower Yoga, you may want to add visualizations to the postures. You can imagine stress and tension releasing with each exhale, and fresh rejuvenating energy entering with each inhale.

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